Facebook wants the chair of FTC technical critics to move away from antitrust decisions


Amazon is not the only one asking Federal Trade Commission President Line Khan move away from cases. The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook has filed a petition with the FTC to exclude Khan from discussions about whether the regulator should launch another antitrust case against the social network. She cannot be impartial, Facebook argued, because she has “consistently” accused Facebook of crimes that would justify an antitrust case.

We asked the FTC for comment. Khan has already said she will talk to ethics officials at the Commission if there are any concerns she might be exempt from.

Khan was an outspoken critic not only of Big Tech companies like Amazon and Facebook, but also of the U.S. antitrust system, which she felt was inadequate to curb corporate abuse. Those companies are obviously nervous. Khan will continue further actions, including an ongoing antitrust complaint against Facebook. Not that the exemption will necessarily protect technology giants from violating the status quo – the FTC and politicians she was not shy in wanting to take action against these companies before Khan took on her new role.

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