Facebook attracts creators with a payout of $ 1 billion


plans to release over a billion dollars to creators on its platforms by the end of 2022, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said. “We want to build the best platforms for millions of creators to make a living,” in a Facebook post. “Investing in creators , but I am excited to expand this work over time. The “goal” is to reward creators for great content they create on Facebook and Instagram. “

Company all kinds of creators, including those who are just beginning to share their own content and create an audience. Facebook will offer creators more ways to make money when they reach certain milestones and provide some of them with “initial funds” to create content.

Facebook will add bonus sections to the Instagram app later this summer, and the Facebook app in the fall where creators can learn about a variety of programs, including eligibility details and how to sign up. Some of these programs are already available to invited creators, such as bonuses for running ads on Facebook live streams, and video and game creators who reach certain milestones in star earnings (Facebook’s Twitch Bits-style ) over the next few months.


As for Instagram, invited creators can get bonuses when they sign up to show IGTV ads (they will also do so) ), sell a certain number and do great which perform well. Facebook will launch more incentive programs in the coming months. Payments are linked to others on Facebook , including fan subscriptions, paid online events and .

A billion dollars is a significant war case for Facebook because it seems to lure creators away from rival platforms like YouTube, Substack (with ), Twitch and TikTok. In June, Zuckerberg Facebook won’t cut creators ’earnings until 2022, perhaps giving them a bigger incentive to switch to Facebook products. It’s a company signed exclusive offers with the creators of Facebook Gaming also over the last few years.

Facebook has introduced several ways for creators . It is clearer than ever that attracting and rewarding influencers is an important part of Facebook’s strategy. If there was any doubt that the creator’s economy was thriving, that billion dollars might be enough to change the minds of some skeptics.

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