Chrome 94 will ensure that you are connected to sites with HTTPS



In April, Google made , but that does not mean that the company’s long-term effort to make the protocol as broad as possible is over. On Wednesday, Google unveiled in detail the new features it will introduce in Chrome to further boost HTTPS adoption.

With Chrome 94, Google will introduce a feature called HTTPS-First Mode. Much like his , the tool will try to ensure that you always connect to the website via HTTPS. When this is not possible, Chrome will display a warning that you are compromising your privacy and security. Initially, users will need to turn on this feature, although Google says it could be the default setting for everyone on the go.

On the eve of Chrome 94, the company is planning a separate experiment related to HTTPS. Starting with Chrome 93, Google will replace the lock icon in the address bar, which indicates that you are securely connected to the webpage, with a “more neutral” down arrow.

The company says it is doing so to see if it will “improve the disclosure of critical privacy and security information.” According to Google, only 11 percent of participants in the recent study knew what the icon meant. Most people have assumed that Chrome is the way they say the site they visit is reliable, which is a potentially risky move. The experiment will not change the icon you see when you connect to the webpage via HTTP. “Not safe” will still be written on the address bar.

Despite everything it does to make HTTPS as present as possible, Google says it will continue to support HTTP for now. At the same time, the company notes that it will investigate whether to limit or completely restrict certain Chrome features when you do not have a secure connection to the site.

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