‘Battlefield 2042’ will divide cross-play between generations of consoles



EA and DICE have shed some light on their cross-play plans Battlefield 2042. Although the feature is still in development, there will probably be no way for all players to join the same lobbies.

During the upcoming technical test of invitation-only gaming, the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC players will be able to jump into games together. DICE plans to split the player pool between players on those platforms and those on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC and console players can be excluded from playing with each other, which could alleviate concerns about inequalities between the controller and the mouse and keyboard.

The division of players between generations of consoles may disappoint someone, especially for those with friends who don’t have decent gaming equipment or have failed to catch the PS5 or Xbox Series X / S. However, it makes sense. PS4 and Xbox One versions it will have smaller lobbies than on PC and current consoles, with 64 players instead of 128, as well as slightly compressed maps. Otherwise the gameplay will be the same on all platforms, including weather events like tornadoes.

Cross-progression is also underway. Your progress and items (including the ones you buy) will be transferred from one platform to another, so if you jump between your computer and PlayStation or Xbox, you’ll have access to all of your equipment.

By the way, DICE plans to use bots to fill the lobby when needed to improve the establishment of matches and perhaps a faster introduction to matches. You cannot exclude the use of bots, although players will always have an advantage over AI soldiers. If a player leaves the middle of the game, the bot will take over until someone else joins.

Bots should behave in a similar way to human players, although they will not be able to use suits or class-based abilities. AI soldiers can perform other tasks, such as resuscitating teammates, calling vehicles, and capturing targets. You will be able to fight bots in standalone and co-op mode.

In blog post covering these little things, DICE and EA spilled beans on some other features, including vehicles, fully customizable loads, and how different modes focus on specific areas on maps. Meanwhile, DICE said you won’t be able to fight on every floor of the skyscraper, only in the lobby and on the roof. More details about Battlefield 2042 will be revealed on EA Play Live event July 22nd.

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