Gogo Internet in Flight was renamed Intelsat


The next time you’re on a plane, looking for a Wi-Fi connection as you soar thousands of feet above the ground, don’t look for the name Gogo. The long-standing Internet standard in flight, Gogo Commercial Aviation, has been renamed Intelsat.

Intelsat, an international satellite communications supplier, has acquired Gogo Commercial Aviation in December 2020. It was a cash deal worth $ 400 million. Gogo still exists and focuses on business aviation services.

Gogo has been the main in-flight entertainment for the past decade, partnering with 17 major airlines. The service is as impressive as it is frustrating, although it improves over time. In 2019, Gogo announced plans to introduce 5G services this summer and has begun testing of these antennas in June. Like Intelsat, 5G is still the target.

“This name change is happening as Intelsat leverages its unparalleled global orbital and spectral rights, scales and partnerships to build the first global software-based 5G satellite network,” said Intelsat CEO Stephen Spengler. Media Release.

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