Apple’s latest MagSafe accessory is a $ 99 iPhone 12 battery



Apple quietly started selling a MagSafe battery for its IPhone 12 setup. He noticed , the new accessory costs $ 99, and deliveries begin early next week. Instead of the case you put on the iPhone, this latest battery pack attaches to the back of the device.

The accessory is available in one size that has a battery of 1,460mAh, which means that it cannot change any model in the iPhone 12 family completely. When you use the battery on the go, it will charge the phone to about 5 watts. Plugging in the power adapter while it’s still plugged into your iPhone will increase that speed to about 15 watts. Either way, it’s not the fastest way to top up your iPhone 12, but it should help anyway.


According to the official , you need iOS 14.7 to use the battery. Apple has not yet released that update. The company also recommends using a USB-C adapter to power 20 watts or more and a Lightning USB-C cable to charge the device.

When plugged into your iPhone, you’ll see how much power it has left on the battery widget that you can add to your home screen and today’s view. Interestingly, Apple also notes that you can get a notification from the device that the accessories will not charge it over 90 percent. You can work around this limitation in low power mode through the Control Center.

Apple is not the first company to offer a battery that attaches magnetically to the iPhone 12 and its siblings. However, after Amazon in their market earlier in the year, they were harder to find. And if you visit the website now, you will see that many of the batteries listed do not have an estimated availability.

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