The man is accused of allegedly selling advice on insider trading on a dark network


The Department of Justice and the Securities Commission have is charged the man they claim sold insider trading tips on . Apostolos Trovias used anonymous software, pseudonyms (said to be nicknamed “Taurus”) and to disguise his identity.

According to , Trovias sold stock information individually and with a subscription on the shut down black market and other sites on the dark network. He says that he formed himself as an “insider of the hedge fund” who worked in the branch as a trading office.

In 2017, shortly before the government , Trovias reportedly sold classified earnings report data to a pre-issue of a Profit Tax Administration agent for at least one publicly traded company. He faces one point of money laundering (which has a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison) and one point of securities fraud, which could lead to a 25-year prison sentence if Trovias is convicted.

The appeal was filed in February, but was sealed until Trovia was arrested. He was arrested in Peru in May, according to the allegations noticed , noting that the U.S. government was working on his extradition.

Others have been charged or convicted in connection with AlphaBay activities. In February 2020. the feds Larry Harmon for allegedly running a $ 300 million money laundering forest. Last September, Bryan Connor Herrell to 11 years in prison. Herrell was the moderator of AlphaBay and resolved disputes between suppliers and customers. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to participate in a corrupt organization under the influence of racketeering.

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