The lower deck of the 2nd season announcement brings Easter eggs


Ensign Mariner and Lieutenant Lower Class Bradward "Brad" Boimler in Star Trek: Lower Deck, Season Two.

Mariner, Boimler and some fnot people.
Screenshot: Paramount +

The best pieces Star Trek: Lower decks‘first season they were not necessarily his love letters relating to decades from Track history. The bow with which his rags of flag continued celebrated what a strange, wonderful, hopeful world Star Trek there, eyes people in that world who love to. But as this second-year clip shows, references can also be just as good, honestly.

We’ve already taken a peek what to expect from the USS crew Cerritos“And, in Boimler’s case, Captain Will Riker’s USS crew.” Titanium“In the second season.” Lower decks already. But this new short clip celebrating a month before the start of the season is just a concentrated pleasure of a nerd, a nerd Track references … even before we wonder what reunited Boimler and Mariner after their downfall he was the first to accept his promotion and transfer to Titanium without telling her.

It’s short, but definitely very cute – and it exists so a lot is happening. There is a classic Starbase design (which, as noted by TrekCore, originated in Star Trek: Vanguard novels) and even the vehicle that Mariner and Boimler escaped – probably, while security has them – has large Argo vibrations, a bug from the infamous string in Star Trek: Nemesis. White and gold uniform variant of the dress Lower decks era uniform is also a riff on the same ones worn by Picard’s crew in Rebellion i Nemesis. And there are the fishermen! Which, as they angrily intone, are not really fish peoplethey are Antedians, which appeared in The next generation episode “Manhunt” as potential members of the Federation. In that episode, they seem to have overcome a spoiler, a failed terrorist plot, and joined the Lower decks least!

That’s a lot of referencing in just 15 seconds (aand we didn’t even wonder why Boimler and Mariner had small Data statuettes in their vehicle). There is no doubt that there will be even more of them, when Star Trek: Lower decks returns for another guest mission to Paramount + on August 12th.

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