ESPN + subscriptions increase the price on August 13th



The second time in the range of , the price of ESPN + is rising. Starting on August 13, the annual subscription will cost $ 69.99 per year, compared to $ 59.99 earlier. At the same time, the price of the monthly plan is rising. Coming on August 13, ESPN + will cost $ 6.99 per month, compared to . If you opt for an annual subscription instead of a monthly one, you’ll save about $ 13 during the year. A Disney spokesman told Engadget that the company would start notifying existing customers of the price increase today.

As of April 2019, Disney is allowing UFC viewers to watch via ESPN +. The cost of that programming is not rising at the moment. The company also does not increase the price , which includes ESPN +, as well as Disney + and Hulu. That package will still cost $ 13.99 per month, following a .

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