Apple TV + signs a contract for the production of Russian and ‘multilingual’ shows



signed a contract with the company of producer Alexander Rodnyansky AR Content for the production of shows in Russian and multilingual shows . Rodnyansky said that the agreement makes Apple “the first of all global streaming platforms to sign a strategic partnership with a company of Russian roots.”

Rodnyansky loans include Cloud Atlas, Sin City: Ladies to be Killed i Machete Kills, but says his experience and manufacturing expertise in Russia are what led Apple to work with him in the first place. He has produced Russian films Leviathan i Beanpole, who both won awards at the Cannes Film Festival and were nominated for Best Foreign Language Film.

The deal with Apple covers several shows, some of which will be held in Russia. The shows will be supervised by Russian writers and directors, as well as international creatives.

Rodnyansky notes that streaming has helped shows in various languages ​​and countries become international hits. “This is an incredible time when it is Fauda in Hebrew and Arabic it goes really well in multiple territories, when you have shows like French Mante or Marianne, or German shows like It’s dark or Babylon Berlin crossing borders, “Rodnjanski said. “This is the time for Russian-language shows to do the same, or multilingual shows.”

Apple has similar offers at first glance Ridley Scott i Ron Howard production houses, but the AR content pact hints at its international ambitions. Netflix, which has spread to all but a few countries and territories, has achieved success in acquiring and creating international content. Spanish crime drama Money Heist there is , while a French thriller is Netflix’s most successful original series to date. Anime and Korean dramas as well among subscribers. Earlier this year, Netflix to pick up modern adaptation Anna Karenina as his first original drama series in Russian.

Not surprisingly, Apple is looking at a similar approach to content. Apple TV + has only a few non-English language projects available, including Tehran i Losing Alice, so Apple has plenty of room to expand its library with Russian and multilingual shows.

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