The ‘Black Widow’ earned $ 60 million from Disney + viewers during her first weekend



Disney + has shyly announced the sale of Premier Access movies as Mulan, but now he is eager to boast. As AV Club reports, It’s Disney discovered that Marvel blockbuster Black widow has earned more than $ 60 million in estimated revenue exclusively from customers paying $ 30 each for Premier Access. That’s more than a quarter of the roughly $ 215 million that Disney expected to earn from all sources, including U.S. and international box office sales.

The company also boasted Black widow was the largest U.S. coffers that opened during the COVID-19 pandemic, just repaired F9. This, however, was not difficult given that cinemas routinely have it fought to attract viewers when they were not dealing with widespread imprisonment.

We wouldn’t count on Disney to provide Premier Access data on a regular basis, especially as the pandemic continues (hopefully) to subside and more and more people are comfortably venturing into cinemas. To some extent, the media giant needed $ 60 million to make money Black widowthe debut sound is more impressive. We would add that this is difficult to compare with data for rivals like Amazon and Netflix. They have no equivalents to Premier Access, so the success of original films is measured mainly in terms of viewership and new subscriptions.

Nonetheless, this represents an important milestone for Disney moves to streaming. It is now pleasant to mention Premier Access numbers after months of silence. Even if Premier Access disappears into the background, it’s now a significant part of Disney’s film release strategy.

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