Tesla publishes a complete update on self-management with a caution



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Years after the announced debut, Tesla has finally released beta version 9 of its Full Self-Driving System,, although warning drivers that the software “can make a mistake at the worst possible moment” and encouraging them not to become complacent.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who over the years has become known for his lack of deadlines,, originally said beta version 9 came in 2018, then in 2019, and the latest one this year at the latest last June. Earlier this month, Musk swore again to Tesla fans that the upgrade was coming and attributed the delay to a generalized self-driving car. be harder than he thought.

In screenshots a note about the release of updates shared on social networks,, Tesla points out improvements in driving visualization, which will show “additional information about the environment” on the car’s display. There are also improvements cabin a camera above the rearview mirror that Tesla says will determine “the driver carelessness ”and provide them with audible warnings to remind them to be careful when using autopilot systems.

Most importantly, Tesla states that images taken with this camera will not be shared if you do not want to.

“Camera images don’t just leave the vehicle, which means the system can’t store or transmit data if you don’t enable data sharing,” the company said in notes to the release.

It is not entirely clear how much more the beta 9 improvement will bring to Tesla’s full-drive system. On Friday, Musk warned that the company was working to solve many well-known problems and that something could still go wrong.

“Beta 9 deals with the most familiar issues, but there will be unknowns, so be paranoid,” Musk said. Twitter. “Safety is always a top priority at Tesla.”

Beta version 9 is currently only available to those in the company at an early stage aprogram access at this time, which Electrek reports it consists of about 2,000 Tesla owners, most of whom are Tesla employees.

It should be noted that despite the name of the system, the system does not allow the car to drive alone, although there is no doubt it is advanced driving system. In fact, it is technical driver level 2help system, according to the Society Car industry Engineers, which means the automated system does most of the driving, steering, braking and acceleration, but one has to be careful and ready to take over at all times.

Although Tesla fans welcomed the excitement, the company’s autopilot system is currently under increased scrutiny. In April, two men died in Texas after Tesla, which the authorities believe that no one in the driver’s seat crashed into a tree and caught fire. Nevertheless, over the years, there have been cases where people have used Tesla’s autopilot systems asleep and drunk behind the wheel or doc looking at their phones.

Recently, regulators have been on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a rule required by the company to report accidents involving driver assistance or autonomous systems within one day of learning of them.


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