Check out Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic flight here at 9:00 ET



Later today, Virgin Galactic will try , as well as five other individuals, to the edge of the universe. Here you can see the whole Unity 22 mission going on , as well as ,, i . The company has not yet released a detailed schedule for Sunday’s flight. But if Virgin Galactic sticks to its usual flight plan, the entire mission should take about 90 minutes. In any case, the official live broadcast should currently begin at 9:00 ET.

Unity 22 will be the fourth flight of the Virgin Galactic crew. Outside defeating Jeff Bezos into space, the stated purpose of the mission is to assess the environment of the SpaceShipTwo cabin, the comfort of the seats and the overall experience it will offer to customers. If the flight is successful, the company plans to make two additional test flights before the start of paid flights next year.

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