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Now that Twitter rejects your request for that desired blue check mark, it will be personal. The social media platform announced on Friday that it plans to provide users with a more thorough explanation of why they did not meet the verification requirements, as opposed to releasing emails with generic rejection.

“We have heard your feedback that it may be clearer to us why the application was not approved. E-mail addresses with decisions will now provide more context as to why the requirements do not meet our criteria, ”Twitter said wrote.

This announcement comes after Twitter restarted its public verification process in May for the first time since 2017 … and then immediately press pause again after being overwhelmed by verification requests. All this time, Twitter qquietly opened the process certain companies, brands, news organizations, activists, and other accounts deemed to be worth the blue tick.

Twitter said Friday that it is slowly introducing public access so as not to overwhelm its team, and the sign-up option will soon be available to all users. With this in mind, it works to make the whole process more transparent, for example by adding additional context to rejection emails.

“[We] know that generic rejection email addresses are confusing and frustrating for people, so entering more accurate information in email about verification decisions has been a top priority for our team, ”said Twitter, Verification Manager B Byrne.

Twitter also said it plans to add clearer guidelines to the app and will continue to provide feedback on how to make the verification process more useful.

“Patience is not part of the criteria, but we appreciate yours,” Twitter wrote.

So if you (like me) are still among the irreversible plebs, look on the bright side! At least Twitter will explain why you are not worth checking the next time you are rejected.


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