The animated series Silverhawks gets a restart treatment



An animated show from the 80s Silverhawks

An animated show from the 80s Silverhawks
Picture: Rankin / Bass animated entertainment

80s babies are looking forward to it! Silverhawks returns to television.

Rock reports company Nancelle which produces several shows like Disney + Behind the attractionand Netflix Down to earth with Zac Efron, are teaming up with Silverhawks LLC to revive an animated space-themed show in one of the main ways. The first episode Silverhawks was released in 1986 by Rankin / Bass Productions (they also produced Thundercats).

The high-concept show takes place in the 29th century and follows the heroes of the metal body in charge of protecting citizens Limbo Galaxy. Unfortunately, Silverhawks they had no popularity Thundercats and survived only one season with 65 episodes.

Pop culture producer Super7 bought it Silverhawks IP and is excited about the new series. “SilverHawks is a beloved franchise that has been overlooked for too long, ”said Brian Flynn, founder and owner of Super7. “We are extremely excited to be working with Nacelle SilverHawks return to the spotlight of both die-hard fans and a new generation of fans who will experience the magic SilverHawks first time.”

The two associates could not be more enthusiastic about working together.

“When I first talked to Brian Flynn, I was like a Yes-Man character! “Yeah, just tell me where to sign!” said Brian Volk-Weiss, founder and CEO of Nacelle.

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