How to plan a trip after a pandemic (2021): Equipment and tips


You can take a break from home, but unfortunately you can’t escape the potential dangers. We have a guide to our favorite personal safety devices, from free apps to jewelry with disguised panic buttons, and we think you should consider your options before you go on a trip – especially if you’re traveling alone.

Share your location with a family member or friend you trust. As long as your phone stays on, they will be able to log in to see where you are if they haven’t heard. This is not certain, but it is the beginning. On iPhones, go to the selected contact and select Share My Location to set it indefinitely. On Android phones, you can share locations via Google Maps by selecting Share location below the account icon in the upper right corner.

Download the Noonlight app. It’s free iOS i Android, and all you have to do is press the panic button on the screen until you are in a safe place. Enter your PIN to turn it off or not alert help. Wherever you are, you can quickly apprehend the police by sending them your GPS location.

Learn to use the emergency call function. iPhones make this easy while holding down the power button and one of the volume up buttons. When it appears, move the SOS slider for the current call to 911 or hold down the automatic call keys, which will happen after the five-second countdown. All Androids are different, but if your phone is relatively new, it should have this feature as well. Look for it on your phone before you go on a trip.

Get a satellite messenger. None of the above options will come in handy if your phone is not using a mobile service. The Garmin inReach Mini is one of our favorite satellite messengers. It is lightweight and takes up little space, in addition to using the superfast Iridium satellite network to help you with your SOS.

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