Amazon hopes to track your sleeping habits with radar



Google the latest Nest Hub it may not be the only device that monitors your sleep with radar. Bloomberg reports which Amazon has received FCC waiver allowing him a 60 GHz sleep monitoring radar. As with Google technology, you can check for sleep problems without having to wear a device like this Hello band.

The technology could also be used to navigate gestures, especially for people with mobility or speech difficulties that would prevent them from using common commands. Amazon was not shy when comparing Google – the company quoted Pixel 4 radar when a waiver is sought.

Amazon did not provide many clues about products that would use radar tracking, but it described the devices as “non-mobile.” In other words, it is more likely to be Echo devices who monitor your vacation from the nightstand.

It’s not certain when Amazon could deliver hardware equipped with radar, though the recent launch of the Echo Show without that equipment suggests you could wait a while.

Amazon has strong incentives to update its line of devices. In addition to competing with Google, the internet giant is making a big health shift between Halo and services like Amazon Pharmacy. Radar sleep tracking could make the Echo a valuable health tool, not just a suitable companion for playing music or managing your smart home.

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