Amazon Fire TVs now support Prime Video Entertainment


When Amazon launched Watch Party for Prime Video last year, made this option available only on desktop browsers. Now the e-commerce giant has expanded support for this feature, allowing you to host or join a Watch Party on Fire TVs. Although Amazon did not announce a major announcement of the arrival of this feature on the platform, it updated the list of compatible devices on See frequently asked questions about entertainment, as he noted XDA developers. The section now says you can watch together with Prime friends and colleagues on a Fire TV in the Prime Video app.

You still can’t watch movies and shows with friends on your mobile phone together, but you can access the chat section on the Watch Party when you update the latest version of Prime Video for phones and tablets. This will provide you with an easy way to chat with other attendees without access to a computer, as well as an easy way to create and share Watch Party invitations.

Amazon launched this feature on Twitch back in 2019, allowing streamers to watch videos with their viewers. The version available within Prime Video itself is more convenient if you are not a streamer and just want to watch with people close to you. All party attendees must also have Prime subscriptions and must rent or purchase a movie or show that the host is watching.

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