The age-old kung fu game ‘Sifu’ has been moved to early 2022



Absolutely Sloclap studio is working on a new type of kung fu game, Sifu, and requires a little more time and attention than the developers originally planned. Sifu it was supposed to arrive on the PlayStation 4, PS5 and Epic Games Store this year, but has been postponed to early 2022.

Sloclap has shared a new release date in an announcement that also shows the game’s unique death system. Sifu is a kung fu-inspired game, similar to that Absolutely, but it is narrative and every time a player dies, they return to the fight as an older version of themselves. Sifu it’s all about hand-to-hand combat and the magical advancement of the age, and it’s about a violent story of revenge suitable for any age – well, teenagers and more, according to the ESRB.

The first trailer for the game was inspired Old Boy and today’s video is called “Sifu – Fight Club Gameplay Teaser”, so we also feel the theme focused on the film.

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