Harley-Davidson’s latest electric motorcycle LiveWire is more affordable



When Harley-Davidson debuted with its first electric motorcycle back in 2019, it was hampered by the expensive price early production. Later allocation of LiveWire as a separate brand earlier this year, the company is back with its second electric bike and is working to address those issues.


The most striking feature of the Harley-Davidson new LiveWire One is its price. An electric motorcycle will cost $ 21,999. That’s almost $ 8,000 less than $ 29,799 the original LiveWire was sold when it came out in 2019. With federal subsidies, Harley-Davidson told The Verge most people are expected to be able to buy LiveWire One for less than $ 20,000.

But a more attractive entry point is not the only change. Harley-Davidson has also improved the range of motorcycles. Driving on slower city streets, the company claims the LiveWire One can cover 146 kilometers on a single charge. By comparison, its predecessor was limited to a maximum of about 110 miles in the city. Using a DC fast charger, the company says you can completely discharge a LiveWire One battery in up to about an hour or from zero to 80 percent in about 45 minutes. The motorcycle also comes with a six-axis inertial measuring unit to assist with braking and turning.

LiveWire One


Harley-Davidson will officially unveil LiveWire One at Progressive IMS Outdoor Northern California, formerly known as the International Motorcycle Fair, July 18. In the meantime, you can already order the motorcycle code LiveWire website. Initial availability is limited to customers living in California, New York and Texas, as currently only 12 dealerships in those states are authorized to sell LiveWire One. However, the bike will be available at more vendors coming this fall.

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