TikTok tests allow U.S. users to apply for jobs with video resumes


The the reports were accurate: TikTok is expansion into employment. As of today, the company has launched a pilot program that allows U.S. residents to sign up for entry, join, and higher levels by tagging videos they upload to the platform using the #TikTokResumes hashtag. A list of approximately three dozen companies participating in the pilot project, as well as the jobs they hire, you can visit TikTok’s dedicated website with resumes. Some of the most significant participating brands include Shopify, Target and Detroit Pistons. Candidates must apply for the first set of jobs posted on the platform by July 31st.

Expanding in this way, the company says it “believes there is an opportunity to make more use of the experience of people with TikTok by increasing the usefulness of the platform as an employment channel.” And while it might seem strange to TikTok to force its users to post resumes, it’s a reflection of the fact that the platform was never just about viral dance videos. You can already find creators dedicated to helping other TikTok users build their careers. And how Gen Z faces uncertain job prospects after a pandemic, it makes sense for TikTok to support demographic data that forms a significant part of its user base.

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