Bentley’s Flying Spur Hybrid can travel 25 miles in EV mode



Later publishing by switching to hybrid and fully electric cars by 2026, Bentley began to introduce existing vehicles that became environmentally friendly. Accompanying Bentayga Hybrid SUV, spotlights are now in effect Flying spur then.

Bentley’s second plug-in hybrid features a 4.9-liter 410-horsepower (bhp) twin-turbocharged V-6, paired with a 134-horsepower electric motor, for a combined 536 horsepower. That’s 95 hp more than the SUV model. Although the acceleration time is 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 177 mph, shy of the standard Flying Spur V8.


To improve emissions, the new engine uses fuel injectors and spark plugs centralized within each combustion chamber for “optimal spray patterns”. While the turbo double displacement and catalytic converters are located inside the V engine.

Bentley says the Flying Spur has a 14.1 kW battery that offers an expected fully electric range of about 25 miles, awaiting certification. Since many city centers need hybrids to switch to fully EV mode, those numbers will be critical. Some car manufacturers like it Fiat and BMW have even developed technology that can fully switch hybrids to fully electric propulsion in low-emission zones.

Similar to that feature, Bentley says the hybrid controls battery usage by automatically switching between three driving modes, including EV, allowing it to accumulate energy when you get to town. The combined petrol-electric range of the sedan exceeds 765 km.

Visually, it sets the new plug-in hybrid apart from the rest of the Flying Spur, except for the charging connector on the left rear wing and the underrated hybrid badges on the front. As you would expect, this is a car for the uber-rich. Flying Spur Hybrid prices are expected to start at an attractive £ 160,000 in their home UK, according to Auto Express, with sales starting this summer, and deliveries to kickstart before the end of the year.

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