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The OnePlus 9 Pro holds up against strong competition from Apple and Samsung, and that’s more than most competing smartphones can say. If you’re looking for a different handset with all the premium features typically found in a smartphone made by common suspects, the OnePlus 9 Pro could fit into the bill. But just like Apple and Samsung’s flagship models, the 9 Pro isn’t cheap either with a starting price of $ 1,070. But Amazon has Dec 9 for $ 100 less right now, dropping it to $ 970 – the cheapest we’ve seen since launch. And if you want to spend even less, regular OnePlus 9 it sells for $ 650, or $ 80 from the regular price.

Buy OnePlus 9 Pro on Amazon – 970 USD Buy OnePlus 9 on Amazon – $ 650

The OnePlus 9 Pro he impressed us with his comprehensive set of features and (mostly) great cameras. Although thinner than previous models, the 9 Pro doesn’t look drastically different from other OnePlus smartphones, and that’s a good thing. It has a lovely 6.7-inch AMD, 3,216 x 1,440 AMOLED, which supports refresh rates up to 120Hz and brightness up to 1,300 nits. OnePlus also includes a bunch of customizable display settings that can help you do things like the best mobile gaming experience or extend battery life when needed. The handset with IP68 rating also has dual speakers, a microSIM card slot and one USB-C port compatible with Warp Charge.

OnePlus has partnered with Hasselblad on the rear line of 9 Pro cameras, which includes a 48-megapixel main camera, an ultra-wide 50MP lens and an 8MP telephoto lens. Overall, the system creates beautiful images in real colors and is capable of capturing videos up to 8K 30fps. Our biggest complaint was with the telephoto lens which tended to capture overexposed images in bright environments.

Fortunately, we had no complaints about the performance of the OnePlus 9 Pro. It runs on a Snapdragon 888 processor, 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, and there’s very little that combination of specs can’t handle. The 9 Pro High Response Screen just helps your smartphone feel and always fast. Battery life is also pretty good as the 4,500mAh dual cells lasted at least a whole day without sweating, and you’ll get even more juice from them if you leave the screen on Full HD.

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