Nintendo’s new OLED Switch costs $ 350 and arrives on October 8th



Four years after he released Switch on the world, Nintendo is issuing an upgraded version its phenomenally successful consoles. Later years of rumors, the company has finally confirmed the existence of a new Switch model with an OLED display. It will cost $ 349.99 and arrive on October 8th.

As expected, the latest model is larger screen than seven inches. The 720p OLED screen, which Nintendo claims is more vivid, is a step up from the 6.2-inch LCD screen on the original Switch. The console has significantly reduced frames and 64GB of storage, while the dock has a wired LAN port.

Nintendo promises “enhanced sound” with the new Switch, which works with all existing Joy-Con controllers. The company offers it in a traditional neon red / blue color scheme with a black dock or in a white / black color scheme with a white dock.

The new Switch also has what looks like a en masse an improved bracket that extends the entire width of the rear of the console. It can be supported at any angle and looks far firmer than the tiny, fragile piece of plastic that supported the old switch.

However, there is no 4K output while anchored, as reports have largely suggested. You will still play on the TV only at the maximum resolution of 1080p. Nintendo does not upgrade any other internal components. The OLED device was rumors have a new chipset with support for NVIDIA’s DLSS upgrade technology, but this time it’s not the case. The company has also warned that settings such as a larger screen mean that the new Switch may not work properly Nintendo Labo products.

The original switch is still there it is sold as hot cakes, so there’s a case that Nintendo didn’t need to upgrade the console yet. But the original Switch screen and huge frames are starting to look a bit dated to 2021; this OLED screen should significantly modernize the experience. However, for people who want to save some money, Nintendo will continue to sell the original Switch, at least for now.

It is very likely that the demand will far exceed the supply. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa told investors in a May call that the company was still struggling with shortages and production problems. The current global semiconductor shortage it will also limit production capacity. So the new switch may be even harder to find than the current console was at various points.

Since releasing the original Switch in 2017, Nintendo has released a revised model by upgrading the battery. He also released only a handheld device Switch Lite in 2019. Two years later, moving in the other direction with an upgraded switch is a logical move. Good luck, but you’ll get one soon.

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