Netflix takes rights to ‘Tinder Swindler’ documentary



Netflix has purchased a documentary about the “Tinder cheater,” who cheated on women he met in an entertainment app by giving him millions of dollars. The infamous fraudster pretended to be the Russian oligarch Simon Leviev, the son of the Russian-Israeli diamond mogul Lev Leviev. He would take his victims – mostly Scandinavians – on private plane trips, stay with them in luxury hotels and treat them to expensive dinners. In fact, he is an Israeli named Shimon Hayut, who twice fled to Europe to avoid charges of theft, forgery and fraud in his country.

Online online scams have been quite common in recent years, as fraudsters have used all available opportunities to find potential victims. According to FTC, losses in love affairs reached a record $ 304 million last year. And only for the frauds that the Americans reported to the agency. Tinder Swindler hit the headlines for a jet-by-life lifestyle, while his previous victims funded efforts to catch on to his current ones.

Hayut would pretend for months that he was in touch with his goals before he starts asking them for money, usually pretending to be in trouble asking for help from his current “girlfriend”. Norwegian publication VG he spent six months following Hajuta and made contact with two of his most recent victims. One of the women she spoke to said she needed to take out loans to help him and was eventually cheated with 2.1 Norwegian kroner ($ 244,000).

The Netflix documentary will be produced by the producers Three identical strangers i Don’t fuck with cats, both of which are also available on the streaming platform. It will also be directed by Felicity Morris from Don’t fuck with cats. Diversity he says he will follow the women Hayut cheated on while “discovering his true identity and bringing him to justice”. Tinder was a fraud arrested Greek police back in 2019 and extradited to Israel, but was released last year after only five months of serving a 15-month sentence. Half a year later, in December 2020, it is alleged he pretended to be a paramedic to get COVID – 19 vaccines taken early – and then post a video of the event on Instagram.

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