Bumble opens a restaurant to help people get out of IDPs again


With more and more people getting fully vaccinated against it COVID-19, many singles give up virtual dates for those in person. Love seekers in New York will soon get a new meeting place, a cafe / restaurant / wine bar from the dating app Bumble.

Bumble Brew should open for breakfast on July 24. The lunch and dinner service will begin at the Nolita site in the coming weeks. In addition to the dining room with 80 seats, there will be a cocktail bar, a paved part of the courtyard and a private dining area.

The restaurant, which is covered with the distinctive yellow color of the application, can also be used for events. It has an Italian inspired menu with pick-up and delivery options, and the music is mostly from artists.

The new venture is based on the jumping spaces of the Bumble Hive community where people can socialize, eat and drink and meet others. Bumble Brew, at least for now, doesn’t have a direct connection to the Bumble app. Still, it’s easy to imagine Bumble adding a reservation system that appears when New York users try to arrange a date.

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