Hacker targets “Apex Legends” to fix “Titanfall” hacking



Apex Legends it was reportedly hacked to raise awareness about the state of playback of the second series of games by programmer Respawn Titanfall. Players reported on social media that Battle Royale server playlists are being replaced with a message that reads “SAVETITANFALL.COM, TF1 has been attacked, as has Apex.” Players also received a “Important Message” pop-up window after matches directing them to the same URL that has been active for several months, according to PC Gamer.

The result is a break in the spread of weddings Apex Legends encouraged Respawn to publish an update to the servers he said had resolved the issue. In tweets, the studio added that the attack “did not endanger the personal data or accounts of the players”.

Although hacking games are often associated with cheating or theft, it seems that in this case it was the final case of frustration of the fans due to the lack of attention towards Respawn Titanfall. The use of advocacy to stop hacking games is also something that is not seen often.

In short, Titanfall suffers from numerous vulnerabilities that lead to server crashes or overloads and disconnections. After years of complaints, Respawn recently confirmed that he is working to address the issues that plagued the title on Origin and Steam.

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